7.3 Allowed value sets

The messages defined in this standard make extensive use of allowed value sets. These allowed value sets are used in all DDEX standards and DDEX provides an XML Schema Definition file which lists all the definitions for all the allowed values in all of the allowed value sets. The allowed value sets, the allowed values and their definitions are also contained in the DDEX data dictionary available from https://kb.ddex.net/reference-material/data-dictionaries/.

The messages defined in this standard contain a mandatory AvsVersionId XML attribute. The AvsVersionId at the publication date of this standard is 3. The full namespace for the XML Schema document for the allowed value sets is: 


DDEX may update the list of allowed value sets over time and this may therefore require the AvsVersionId number to be increased. When this happens, the new current AvsVersionId will be publicised on the DDEX Knowledge Base. Any such updated version of the allowed value sets which is issued on a date after the publication date of this standard forms part of this standard.