7.4.1 Introduction

The Atom feeds shall follow the syntax of an Atom feed as defined in the relevant XML Schema Definition file.

The Atom feed entry elements in the left hand column of the table below map to the elements in the relevant NewReleaseMesssage or PurgeReleaseMessage, depending on which one is to being used, as listed in the middle and right hand column respectively.

Atom feed entry element

NewReleaseMessage element

PurgeReleaseMessage element


Either //ReleaseList/Release/DisplayTitleText or //ReleaseList/Release/DisplayTitle/TitleText

The determination of which element is used depends on whether the record company or distributor wishes to communicate subtitle information in the Atom feed.










//PurgedRelease/Contributor/PartyName for a party that the record company or distributor publishing the Atom feed considers will assist the DSP in determining which release to take down.